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Royal Daulton Collecting
John Doulton founded Doulton Lambeth pottery in 1815 with John Watts. The factory was a tiny pottery located in Lambeth near London, England. They produced salt glazed utilitarian items and pitchers, plain figural bottles, and stoneware items. The company also found financial success in the manufacture of sewage pipes in the 1840s
From 1858 until his death, John Doulton directed Doulton and Watts Pottery in Lambeth, England. After John Watts retired from the company, John Doulton began experimenting with a more decorative pottery line. Many glazes and decorative effects were developed including faience, impasto, silicon, carrara, marqueterie, chine, and rouge flambe. The factory operated in Lambeth until 1956. In the late 19th century at the original Lambeth location, fine artwares were decorated by artists including Hannah Barlow, Arthur Barlow, George Tinsworth, and J. McLennanThe pieces with a limited production run, those signed by an artist, or those pieces marked "Potted" (indicating a pre-1939 origin) are highly collectible and perceived to be more valuable than other pieces of Royal Doulton. Wares made after 1920 were marked with a lion (with or without a crown accompanying the lion) over a circular Royal Doulton mark. The three main ingredients for Royal Doulton wares include Cornish stone, china clay, and calcined bone ash. This results in a translucent, but strong body. More than 2000 different figures have been produced by Royal Doulton over the years. Doulton's Rouge Flambe (veined sung) is high glazed, strong colored wares noted for its fine modeling and exquisite colors used in the animal items in the line.  Nearly all Royal Doulton figures are made at the Burslem factory today. The production of porcelain also continues today at Burslem. Royal Daulton has been very collectable for many years.

Royal Daulton clubs.
The Collector's Club gives you direct access to the world of Royal Doulton. As your complimentary gift, you'll receive a magazine four times a year, invitations to special events and exclusive offers.
As a member of the Royal Doulton International Collectors Club you will join a select group of fellow enthusiasts, spread across the globe. Signing up for the Club is easy: Just follow the link bellow to their web site,
Or just give them a call on 01292 315877.
New memberships are 30.00, and membership renewals are 27.00.            
(This information is correct as of 28/09/2006)

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Royal doulton lady figerine
Royal doulton lady figerine
Royal Doulton

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