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Zippo Lighters  Collecting
Zippo was founded in Bradford, Pennsylvania USA in 1932 when George G. Blaisdell decided to create a lighter that would look good and be easy to use. Blaisdell obtained the rights for an Austrian wind proof lighter with a removable top, and we-designed it to his own requirements. He made the case rectangular and attached the lid to the bottom with a welded hinge, and surrounded the wick with a wind hood. Fascinated by another recent invention, the zipper, Blaisdell called his new lighter "Zippo", and backed it with a Lifetime Guarantee.
Today Zippo has produced over 325 million wind proof lighters since its founding in 1932. Except for improvements in the flint wheel and modifications in case finishes, Blaisdell's original design remains virtually unchanged today. The Lifetime Guarantee that accompanies every Zippo metal product still guarantees that "It works or we fix it free".
Although the wind proof lighter is the most popular Zippo product, Zippo took its first step toward diversification with the introduction of a six-foot flexible steel pocket tape measure in 1962. The success of this product led Zippo to expand the line to its current product family of tape measures, pocket knives, money clips, writing instruments, key holders, ZipLight™ pocket flashlights and the Fixxit™ pocket tool. Today, all of these items can be imprinted with company logos or trademarks.
Zippo has expanded its sales operations nationally and internationally through a wide network of sales representatives. In more than 120 countries throughout the world, Zippo is synonymous with American made quality and craftsmanship.
Since 1949, Zippo Manufacturing Company of Canada, Ltd., has produced over 13.5 million wind proof lighters. Over the years, few changes have occurred to the original lighter. A series of manufacturers codes stamped on the bottoms of all lighters identify the month and year of manufacture.As the style of Zippo lighters has changed over the years, so has the design of the Zippo logo that is engraved on the bottom of each lighter.
Since the late 50's, the bottom of every Zippo lighter has featured a series symbols which serve as code marks. When matched to the manufacturer's coding chart, you can determine what year the lighters were produced. View chart:
Zippo Lighters Links
Zippo have many clubs throughout the world with thousands of members. Their websites are a great source of information with many in different languages. We have listed just a few of the sites & clubs around the world.
Address UK: Unit 27 Grand union center,
336B Ladbrook grove.
London. W10 5AS
England (UK)
eMail UK
Web site UK    Club area of site 
Other Zippo clubs & web sites from around the world.

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Zippo Lighters
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